Escola Superior de Educação e Ciências Sociais do Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre

Aprender (Learning) is an institutional project whose route is intertwined with the history of the educational organization that gave birth to it. The magazine was a pillar of the school’s affirmation and recognition at national and international levels. Particularly on its early days, the magazine was a vehicle for the dissemination and critical reflection on the school’s projects of formative intervention. And, as the now named School of Education and Social Sciences (ESECS) never wanted to be just a teacher training school, but a school of education in the broadest sense of the concept and practices, it has always integrated every relevant issue at local and regional level in this field. Hence the diversity of sections that soon became a brand image, but also with a firm purpose of unity in each number, expressed in the option for the existence of a central theme. Maybe that's why it was almost natural for Aprender to accommodate the reflection and research in the new areas of professional training and intervention set in motion more than twenty years ago, in journalism and communication, tourism and other social fields. However, the magazine maintained its concern to welcome and disseminate its own production, faithful to its principles, but also as a way to encourage research and the corresponding diffusion, as requirements for accreditation of the new training courses. It also knew how to incorporate what has been emerging in the panorama of this kind of magazines without losing its identity. Thus, it inserted the external collaboration in the new procedures, meanwhile institutionalized. And, in this way, it became a magazine even more open to the participation of different authors who want to collaborate, but without giving up the point of departure and the characteristics which shaped its identity.

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