CEComp — Centro de Estudos Comparatistas Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa

Compendium: Journal of Comparative Studies | Revista de Estudos Comparatistas is an open access peer-reviewed academic journal that aims to promote the online publication of original research, reflecting the diversity of expressions in the interdisciplinary field of Comparative Studies. Hoping to act as a multilingual and international forum, Compendium welcomes different approaches in the Humanities across Comparative Literature, Film, Art, and Culture Studies, providing academics, scholars, and students with the opportunity to publish and disseminate their work to a diverse audience of peers, as well as both professional and non-professional readers. While staying in touch with current trends of thought, Compendium also intends to explore a permanent connection and a (self)critical approach to the history and the developments of Comparative Literature and Comparative Studies.

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