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The international journal Cinema & Território associates the visual arts with anthropology and territoriality. This main line of research encompasses scientific reflection of a performative nature in the areas of dance, music, and theatre. The originality of visual anthropology is that it contradicts the traditional anthropological paradigm: language. However, the verbal language of one culture is not adapted to describe another culture. The visual method extends the verbal vocabulary considered imprecise to describe emotions, gestures, postures, interactions... like, for example, dance: only images can show all the poetry of the body movements, harmony of colours, the originality of the costumes, the changes of rhythm and the music that accompanies it. Cinema and anthropology have in common the fact that they observe and appropriate the human being, through the image. Filmmakers, photographers, ethnologists are sensors of moments and stories whose gaze is confronted with the complexity of the representation of the Other. This "object", highlighted by the professional of the images, is inserted in the frame of the camera lens or landscape frame, producing a delimited space shared by the actors, a cinematographic territory. Contributions that are in line with the dimension of the enunciation are accepted.

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