Universidade de Aveiro Centro de Investigação Didática e Tecnologia na Formação de Formadores

Indagatio Didactica Journal is a publishing space of the responsibility of the Research Centre Didactics and Technology in the Education of Trainers (CIDTFF/UA), and it is, therefore, aligned with the mission of this Centre - to produce knowledge capable of contributing to the training of capable and critical citizens and to the creation of a better world (CIDTFF, 2020). Theoretical and empirical research in education, developed mainly by national and international academics, is used and transformed to promote innovative professional practices in diversified educational contexts. This is an online journal of international scope, mainly addressed to researchers, although it is also of interest to policymakers, teachers, trainers, and others. It aims to provide situations of communication between the authors of the texts and the educational community. It aims to develop a spirit of critical inquiry and action, through the discovery of relationships between the knowledge created by the author of the text and the readers' knowledge of the realities with which they live and act.

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