JIM – Journal of Medical Research is a biannual academic publication, whose mission is to disseminate and publish original and review scientific works in the field of good health practices, from a biopsychosocial, humanistic perspective and vision that integrates the broad concept of health and well-being, stimulating the dissemination of good national and international practices. It also aims to collect and widely disseminate contributions that promote reflection, development, understanding, construction, implementation and monitoring of good practices in health.   JIM explores several themes, organized by various topics, achieving comprehensiveness, innovation and creativity in the fields of health. Considering all health determinants associated with: anthropology, arts, culture, sport and similar activities, economics, entrepreneurship, statistics, philosophy, governance, linguistics, new technologies, policies, positive psychology, health psychology, neuropsychology, sociology, urbanism, among other matters that intersect and result in better health and well-being of individuals, groups and society. Published twice a year, it offers immediate and free open access to its content, following the principle that scientific knowledge is freely available based on scientific social responsibility and knowledge transfer to society.

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