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The Revista da Universidade de Aveiro/Letras (RUA-L) was founded in 1984 (ISSN: 0870-1547) by the Chairman of the Department of Languages and Cultures (DLC), Professor Albino de Matos, with the purpose of publishing scholarship on issues related to Literature, Culture, and Linguistics. The RUA-L journal aims at publishing mostly scholarly essays within the Social Sciences and the Humanities while keeping track of the research conducted in the degree programs offered at this institution both at an undergraduate and graduate levels. The RUAL journal aims at publishing, once a year, essays submitted by scholars who are associated with the research centers based at the DLC or by scholars from other institutions as well as those affiliated with other national or international research centers so as to enhance academic dialogue while fostering a network of cooperation and development both at a national and international levels. Open to the participation of a worldwide academic community, the RUA-L encourages scholarly submissions which enhance contemporary models of critical inquiry and scope. A publication exempt from any political, ideological or religious affiliation, the RUA-L is imbued with the mission of fostering a spirit of tolerance and academic excellence while encouraging a plurality of points of view.

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